Dark Horse Merlot 2016

750ml Bottle

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    Dark Horse
    E & J Gallo Winery
    13.5% Alcohol
    Product Description

    The Original Dark Horse Merlot Red Wine is a vibrant and robust dark red wine with a fruit-forward character. This California wine features full-bodied, jammy fruit notes of plum and blackberry along with vanilla and toasted oak for a well-rounded taste. It has robust flavors with smooth tannins and a long, plush finish. This Merlot is made from a blend of hand-selected grapes grown predominantly in the Lodi and Delta winegrowing areas of California's Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. As the newest endeavor, this Merlot seeks to excite the tastes and inspire California wine enthusiasts. The only thing better than the perfect richness of braised short rib is the heavenly rush that comes when you follow it with a sip of Dark Horse Merlot. With big fruit and a long, plush finish, The Original Dark Horse Merlot 2016 unlocks new flavor levels in everything from red meats to stuffed mushrooms. It's a reminder of why the world first fell in love with Merlot way back when. It is perfect for drinking on its own or serving with any food. Consume this Dark Horse wine either at room temperature or slightly chilled. Enjoy!